Ferietips langs Kulturveien

Før disse elevene i 6. og 7. trinn ved Misvær skole tok sommerferie, laget de sommerbrosjyre på engelsk med sine ferietips langs Kulturveien.

Kjersti Bergquist er engelsklærer for 6. og 7. trinn ved Misvær skole. I vår har de brukt engelsktimene til å lage en turistbrosjyre med sine ferietips langs Kulturveien. Brosjyren er selvsagt på engelsk. 

Elevene har lagt brosjyren på utvalgte steder. Du finner den på Coop Marked Misvær, YX Misvær og Misvær camping.

Kulturveien ønsker gjengen en velfortjent sommerferie og takker for bidraget med å få våre feriegjester til å føle seg velkommen til oss. 

Her er mellomtrinnets ferietips:


Here, in the heart of Bodø, you can: 

- experience moose, eagle, reindeer, alongside grazing sheep, goats, horses and cows 

- go hiking, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, mountain climbing or even exploring ancient viking graves 

-see the oldest building in Northern Norway! 

Where to stay? 

Arctic Cabins – Vestvatn, 10 km from Misvær 

  • In winter, the slalom slope is open, a few meters away from Arctic Cabins. It is free of charge for children from 0-6 years. The family slopes are also free. 
  • You can book the cottage by phone or on their website. Prices: 800-1300kr 

Misvær Camping 

  • Misvær Camping is located approximately 1 hour drive from Bodø. In Misvær you will find fantastic nature for the hikers, several fishing opportunities and Vestvatn Ski Resort, 10 min drive from the campsite, to name a few. In the center of Misvær you will find shops, cafes, and a petrol station. 
  • Misvær Camping has 5 cabins for rent. All the cabins have a kitchen, shower and toilet. Some cabins also have a washing machine. The number of beds in the cabins vary. There are about 100 permanent places for caravans with electricity. In addition, there are 18 places for motor homes/ caravans with the possibility of electricity connectied. Included in the price is the use of the recently renovated service facility.You will find an emptying station for motor homes and caravans by the entrance of the campsite. 
  • Motor homes with electricity: 300kr 
  • Motor homes -no electricity: 200kr 
  • Cabins: 200-1100kr 


Food and Drinks in Misvær 

Urtehagen at Tofte is a cosy restaurant and herb garden 500 m from the center of Misvær (there is sign by the road). They are open for groups if you book beforehand, serving various gourmet courses, stone oven baked pizza, buns and bread, They also have a restaurant shop with home make products like chocolate and soaps. Tel. 95155525 



Coop Marked - a grocery store in Misvær. Open Monday- Thursday 09 – 19, Fridays: 09 – 20, Saturday: 10 – 18. Tel.94889304    


Kom Inn! Is a shop and cafeteria. Here you can buy arts and handcrafts, like knitted produce. In the cafeteria you can buy foods, drinks and arts. Kom Inn is situated opposite the gas station. Tel. 989 01 097.  https://www.facebook.com/kominnbutikk 

Amors Café is a café in the center of Misvær. Amors is a coffee and antique shop offering home made cakes, lunch and ice cream - scoops and soft ice. Tel. 976 74 306. Opening hours vary. 


Misværgeitas Delikatesser: local meat produce from goat  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1119757551774407/ 

Arctic Cabins offer exquisit Italian gourmet food, in addition to pizza, breakfast and lunch. 

You can stay in the cosy, round cabins for a reasonable price. 

Open daily, all year. Tel. 901 09 781 https://www.facebook.com/arcticcabinsvestvatn 

YX Misvær - the gas station in the center of Misvær. Tel. 75 53 82 00. 

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 08.00 - 18.00, Friday 08.00 - 20.00, Saturday 10.00 - 18.00 Sunday 13.00 - 20.00.  


Salten Bakeverksted is a bakery in Kvikstad where they sell traditional lefsa in different varieties. Tel. 952 47 512.  https://www.facebook.com/Bakeverkstedetsalten/ 

Bjørns Pub is in Lysthushaugen, Skjerstad, and is a microbrewery and pub. It’s a cosy little place with only 20 seats inside and the same outside. Opening hours: Fridays 20:00 to 23:00. Tel. 91593042 


Outdoor dos -summer 

  • Caving in Beiarn
  • Horseback riding at Håjen Farm and Equestrian center 
  • Finnvali Nature Park 
  • Swimming and fishing 


Caving in Beiarn is exciting for families and others to explore! 

Caves: Rønnahøla, Løvstadgrotta og Ville Hesten (upper and lower aisle) Some caves have stalactites. That is rocks made from water dripping. 

-Løvstadgrotta is filled with water, you have to sit in a boat. 

-Rønnahøla is a cave that is actually very open with a waterfall.  

-Ville Hesten is a long cave with two entrances. Haitian is a river inside. 


Caving rules:  

  • Don’t steal from the cave 
  • Don’t leave things inside the cave 
  • Don’t destroy anything 

For guided tours, contact the tourist information in Storjord, Beiarn. 


Horseback riding at Håjen, Oldereid, 8100 Misvær 

Prices: 1 hour: 400kr 

  2 hours: 500kr 

  Half day trip: 700kr (3 hour) 

Contact information: Facebook Håjen Gård og ridesenter or (tel.Linda-91 55 90 42) 


Finnvali Nature Park, Kykkelvatn  

Let the family stay overnight in a teepee or go canoeing on the lake. 

Prices: 100 kr for one night  

100 kr for electricity  

50 kr for one hour canoeing 

Fishing license: 67kr per day 

Motor home parking: 300kr per day 


Swimming and fishing  

  • Vika (Misvær) 
  • Svingen (Misvær, Iris) 
  • Kykkelvatnet (a lake by Vesterli) 
  • The Skjerstad fjord 
  • Finnvali nature park (Vesterli)